Why You Should Consider Buying A Range Electric Vehicle


Have you ever been in the market for a new car? If so, then I’m sure that you’ve heard of electric vehicles. This type of car has been growing in popularity as people become more aware of the benefits they offer. But what are those benefits? What makes an electric vehicle so great? Let’s take a look at some of my favorite reasons why you should consider buying an EV:

Range anxiety is largely a thing of the past.

Range anxiety is a worry that your car will run out of power before you reach your destination. It’s a legitimate concern for some people, but largely a thing of the past due to improvements in battery technology. Range anxiety isn’t an issue for all electric vehicles (e.g., Teslas), but it still affects many others–and as more EVs hit the market, consumers may not be aware that their concerns are unfounded.

The good news is that most EVs on the market today have enough range to handle daily commutes and weekend road trips without any problems whatsoever. In fact, if you’re considering buying an EV but haven’t yet decided which one fits your lifestyle best, there are some things you can do to make sure range isn’t going to be an issue before making a purchase decision:

The performance of electric vehicles has improved drastically over the last few years.

If you’re interested in buying an EV, but were hesitant because they were slower and less powerful than gas cars, that’s no longer the case. Electric vehicles are much faster than they used to be. They have more torque, so they can accelerate faster. They also have a better top speed than they used to–and they can go from 0-60 in less time than ever before!

EVs are cheaper to maintain.

Let’s talk maintenance. With an EV, there are no oil changes or tune-ups required. No emissions testing either, since there aren’t any exhaust pipes spewing out pollutants and greenhouse gases into the atmosphere (and therefore no need for smog checks). And if you live in one of those states that require periodic gas station visits for your internal combustion engine-equipped car? That’s not necessary with an electric vehicle! As long as you remember to plug it in at night, your EV will be ready for another day on the road without needing any fuel.

Electric cars are great for the environment.

Electric cars are great for the environment. They have zero tailpipe emissions, which means they don’t contribute to air pollution or global warming. Electric cars are also more efficient than gasoline-powered vehicles: they use one third of the energy per mile traveled compared to conventional cars and trucks. Because they require less energy and fewer raw materials to manufacture, electric vehicles cost less money over their lifetime than similar standard models. Finally, because there’s no fuel involved in operating an EV (or “plug-in hybrid”), these cars have lower maintenance costs than traditional vehicles–which means you’ll spend less time at the mechanic’s shop!

EVs have an incredible range, unlike gasoline-powered cars.

EVs have an incredible range, unlike gasoline-powered cars.

Range is the distance a vehicle can travel on a single charge, and it varies depending on the type of vehicle. The average EV has an EPA-estimated range of 100 miles or more–the Chevy Bolt EV’s official rating is 238 miles per charge while Tesla’s Model 3 gets 335 miles before needing more juice.

Some EVs can go even farther than that: Jaguar’s I-Pace boasts 240 miles per charge; Volkswagen says its upcoming ID Buzz will go 310 miles between charges; and Hyundai’s Kona Electric will get 258 miles out of every battery pack before needing a recharge (in comparison with about 300 miles for most other EVs).

You should consider buying an electric vehicle for all of these reasons

As a consumer, you may be hesitant to purchase an electric vehicle. You may feel that the range of these cars is too limited and you’d rather have the security of knowing that you can drive wherever you want without worrying about running out of power or having to find somewhere to plug in. But in reality, range anxiety is largely a thing of the past. The performance of electric vehicles has improved drastically over the last few years and they now have ranges comparable to gasoline-powered cars. In addition to this, they’re much cheaper to maintain because there are fewer moving parts inside (e.g., no engine) and they don’t require oil changes or tuneups like traditional vehicles do–just regular maintenance like changing tires and brakes every few years as needed!

Electric cars are also great for our environment because they don’t release harmful greenhouse gases into our atmosphere like fossil fuels do; instead they use clean energy sources such as solar panels installed on top roofs which harness sunlight into electricity used by batteries inside cars themselves! Finally let’s not forget how convenient it would be if everyone switched over from using gas stations (which are always crowded anyway) since most people charge their EVs at home anyway.”


There are many reasons to consider buying an electric vehicle. The technology is improving, prices are coming down and range anxiety is becoming less of a problem. Plus, there are plenty of other benefits like lower maintenance costs and better environmental impact from driving on electricity instead of gasoline. If you’re thinking about upgrading your car or truck then we hope this article has helped convince you that now could be the perfect time!